Happy Birthday YS

It’s an extra special birthday for ys because he is celebrating it with Aly for the first time. This also means birthday celebrations have to be tweaked slightly. No more fancy late night dinners!

We decided to do a lunch date at a nice restaurant and a simple celebration with ys’ family and Aly in the evening. Lunch was at Salt bar and grill, which is on level 55 of orchard ion.

The view was pretty amazing and i loved the set up and ambience of the restaurant. I was already impressed even before i stepped into the restaurant, when I was ushered to the futuristic looking area where we were to take the restaurant’s exclusive lift up to the 55th storey. The full glass windows offered a beautiful view of Singapore’s southern and western areas. The place is pretty small and cosy and this means almost everyone gets a window seat. The atmosphere at lunch was pretty relaxed and casual, which worked just fine for both of us.

I thought that the food was nothing to
shout about. We each got the 3 course brunch menu (S$60++) and an additional serving of truffle and parmesan fries. Our mains were not fantastic. My favourite dish was actually my tapas dish – tempura zucchini flowers, which was not even on the brunch menu (but which was offered today cos they ran out of burrata cheese). I also thought the pandan creme brûlée was pretty interesting. I picked the eggs Benedict for my main and ys had the crab omelette (quite possibly the most expensive eggs Benedict and omelette we have ever eaten).

I guess I might return for the view at night (I can imagine that it will look really really pretty) but not for the food for sure! But anyhow we had a nice time to ourselves. Lovely ambience and lovely company! Oh, and I loved the advanced computerized binoculars on the ramp leading up to the bar, that allows you to switch between night, day and live views. And when you point at a certain location, there may be a mini write up on that place. We had quite a lot of fun with it. I also liked the mini write ups on the glass panels even though I wasnt quite sure why they were mainly about the weather in Singapore! The view from the ramp offers views of orchard and central

Dinner was a simple one with ys’ side of the family. We had a cake from pine’s garden and it was the first time Aly joined in a birthday celebration. She was pretty intrigued by the candles and was generally enjoying the mini celebration. That’s it! A simple birthday spent with loved ones. But I guess those are the best birthdays. Happy birthday old man!! Hope you had a great one 🙂