Something you found


Day 13: I found a great afternoon tea set deal at fosters restaurant in holland village. I thought $11 for the set (including a coffee) was a great deal considering a cup of coffee in a cafe like this would cost about $4 already. The set came with yummy crumbly scones,sandwiches and a slice of fruit cake. The cosy ambience of the restaurant also made it the perfect location for chilling out over afternoon tea.

Something shocking happened at the restaurant though (my heart still beats faster when I think about it). Ys and I were both playing with our phones while waiting for our food. The last I checked, Aly was still happily sitting in the stroller and chewing on some birdy toy which was strapped to the stroller bar. Then suddenly from the corner of my eye I noticed the stroller rolling backwards. Then everything started to move in slow motion.

Even my mind functioned really slowly. My first thought was “hey, why is the stroller rolling backwards?” and it took me two seconds before I thought “WHERE IS ALY????” Yes, she was not in the stroller!! From that moment everything happened very quickly. I let out a shriek (I think) pushed my chair back, bent down and saw poor Aly lying on the floor in shock and quickly scooped her up in my arms and held her close before I inspected her for any bruises. At this point, one of the servers also came forward and rubbed her head.

I was cursing myself inside for being such a terribly negligent mum. For failing to watch her and failing to strap her in her stroller and failing to apply the brakes on her stroller. I didnt even know whether the stroller bar was attached securely or how the whole thing happened.

I was expecting the delayed response to kick in and for Aly to start wailing but it was as though Aly knew I was beating myself up inside, she smiled while I rubbed her head and everything was fine again. Not a single tear from her! That’s my girl!!

Lesson learnt: always always strap your kid up in the stroller!

Here’s a pic of Aly before the accident happened.