Brunch with Aly

Weekends are too short! I cannot believe it’s Sunday night already. Now that I’ve gone back to work, weekends have become super precious again.

We haven’t done Sunday brunches in a long time so we decided today that it’s time for a sunday brunch fix! We headed to 1 twenty-six at east coast since it is so near our place and had to settle for an outdoor seat (which turned out to be a good thing in the end since Aly got to enjoy the greenery when she woke up from her nap).

To be honest, the food wasn’t fantastic. I could have done a better job with the scrambled eggs I think. And the servers got our orders wrong a couple of times so I was not terribly impressed.

But it turned out that Aly was really happy to be there! She could sit on her own chair (with the diaper bag as support) and was intrigued by the swaying leaves! The place is really quite
pretty to be honest. It’s mostly outdoor seating with a clear view of the sea.


And so we spent two hours at the restaurant taking turns to fool around with Aly while the other ate, allowed her to take in the sights and sounds and to enjoy her first real encounter with nature, trying to make her laugh and laughing when she responded, and taking silly pictures.





If only all Sundays could be like this!