Thankful Tuesdays: My Job

I survived my first two days back at work!! Dropping Aly off in the mornings and picking her at night have been quite manageable actually. The only downside is that I get up an hour earlier. But it’s really great to be able to spend some time with her in the mornings and in the evenings when I return from work. She has been very happy to see us the past two evenings! No longer cranky in the evenings like before.

Returning to work wasn’t as bad as i had imagined it to be. Of course, after being away for four months, I had tons of emails to clear and had trouble remembering lots of things. Many changes have also taken place while I was away. But I’m glad to be able to return to a familiar workplace with welcoming colleagues and really understanding bosses. In fact it felt quite liberating in a way! It was also nice catching up with everyone again.

And so (rather ironically, since I should be feeling super blue from work), today I am thankful for this great job I have. A job that comes with amazing colleagues who are now my friends, a boss who is a mother herself (so she is really empathetic towards fellow mums), sufficient job satisfaction, the work life balance I decided I would need when I got married and the chance to meet some driven and really brilliant people.

I have always wondered from time to time if I would regret the decision to leave private practice. It’s true that i derived great job satisfaction from my job then and there could have been better prospects for me. But with Aly, I think there could be no better job for me other than the one I have right now!

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