Aly at 4 months

Aly turned 4 months old on Tuesday and currently weighs 7.2kg.

Feeds: She is still breastfed almost exclusively. I say almost because we supplemented her last feed with formula for the 3 nights we were in Bali. I have been rather worried about my milk supply after I return to work so I thought it would be good to reintroduce formula to her now, in case i do not express enough milk at work. She still rejects pure formula but is willing to take formula mixed with breastmilk. I’m also glad she is fine with drinking from the bottle now.

I’m hoping to start her on some cereal soon!

Sleeping patterns: she has developed a terrible habit of not being able to fall asleep on her own. I kind of regret not being more careful with establishing good sleeping habits from the start. She now needs to rely on nursing to fall asleep or carried/rocked to sleep. I have given up on trying to correct this but I no longer nurse her to sleep in the day. For her last feed I will try to unlatch her just before she falls asleep and place her in her cot when she is sleepy but not asleep. The manduca carrier does wonders though. She falls asleep in it easily during her nap times and is generally able to sleep quite well unless she’s woken up by sudden loud noises. I tried doing the same with the pupsik pouch sling and it worked too (even though I had to support her head with one arm for the pouch sling).

Her bedtime is about 9pm, although on bad days she only falls asleep between 10 and 11 (which means I spend my entire night trying to put her to bed). She still sleeps through to about 3, when she wakes up for her “dreamfeed” and generally has no problems falling asleep after that feed. I have tried all ways to get rid of this feed but have been unsuccessful. I attribute it to her inability to self soothe. This means I still do not get more than a continuous stretch of 4 hours of sleep since I go to bed only at about 11 plus. This also means that my hope of moving her cot out of my room has gone down the drain, because I cannot imagine having to go over to the other room in the middle of the night. Trying not to nurse her lying down (ie allowing her to sleep on my bed from 3am to morning) for the middle of the night feed is already tough enough. I try my best to stay awake for the middle of the night feeds by playing games on my phone (very sad I know). I only hope I will be able to persevere after I return to work because I know once I allow her to co-sleep, I will never get her off our bed!

Speech: she “talks” a lot these days and definitely enjoys “conversations” with people. Sometimes, when I nurse her, she will unlatch and start cooing and smiling. That totally melts my heart! I think she recognizes phrases like “____ loves you”, “hug hug” cos she responds by smiling / looking very happy when we say these things.

Other developments: Aly has started “laughing”. She laughs by letting out loud shrieks and smiling. It is most hilarious because when she gets a reaction out of us, she shrieks even more! I just hope she will soon learn how to laugh properly! I don’t think others are going to be amused if she is constantly letting out loud shrieks in public places. Haha.

She is also more responsive now and enjoys interacting with people. Her favourite activity is “standing” on her dad’s tummy. It never fails to amuse her and cause her to “laugh”. She loves to smile too!

She still enjoys reading and we have recently found out that the libraries are well stocked with baby books so we have started borrowing books from the library!

She is also starting to grab at anything within her reach and putting stuff into her mouth.

Sometimes she goes through bouts of separation anxiety and would not stop crying until I carry her. We did a trial run of sorts yesterday, when I Ieft her at my mum’s place and she kept crying! I only hope she adjusts quickly to her new schedule and environment when I return to work (sigh).

Her neck control is better and she is now able to hold her head up for longer periods of time. She no longer likes to lie down and constantly tries to sit up on her own when we put her in a lying down position.

She is definitely more interested in what’s happening around her and is curious about almost everything.

To sum it all up, she’s at a really fun stage now, which makes it even tougher for me to return to work!!


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