Thankful Tuesdays: Freedom

I’ve always been an out and about type of person, someone who appreciates her window shopping (and real shopping), her girly dinner dates and brunches, her afternoon teas with mum, and hunts for good coffee and food with the husband.

So one of the biggest worries I had was whether i would still be able to do all of these with baby in tow. The husband often assured me when I was pregnant that we would try not to allow the baby to affect our lifestyle too much. And I am grateful that things are working out just fine for me. Admittedly, things can never be like before. I have the 9pm curfew (cos that’s Aly’s bedtime), fancy restaurants and spontaneous meetings are out of the question, pedicures/facials/hair appointments require advanced planning, grocery shopping becomes quite a logistical challenge and I can’t leave the house without toting a diaper bag filled with Aly’s barang, but we have been managing I think.

Ys and I have still been eating out and exploring new places with Aly. We still meet up with friends who will accommodate our schedules and requests for kid friendly restaurants or cafes. I’m thankful for these friends who try to understand the limitations of our life with baby in tow and who wouldn’t mind carrying and entertaining a cranky baby while we try to keep a proper conversation going and while I gobble my food in fear of a potential meltdown.

I’m thankful for the husband who often encouraged me to get out of the house with baby and who will kindly offer to send us to our destination or pick us up. I have been going out quite a bit during my maternity leave and this is what has been keeping me sane and happy in fact.

Just today I met up with my ex colleagues and my mom and for the first time, spent two hours shopping around on my own with Aly strapped to me on the life saving manduca carrier.
I’m thankful that Aly is quite comfortable in the manduca carrier and naps well in it, which allows me to bring her out on my own quite easily without the hassle of having to lug a stroller around. This does mean my choice of food during mealtimes are limited to food I can feed myself with one hand (ie rice dishes) and which will not drop all over the place since Aly will either be sitting on my lap or in the manduca carrier strapped to my front. But I’m not complaining!

I’m also thankful for my parents and in laws who are ever so willing to offer to take care of Aly should I need a break or if ys and I would just like to spend some time on our own. It’s amazing what a short breather can do!

What are you thankful for this week?

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