Goodbye Bali, Hello Aly

I have been down with a bad bout of flu ever since returning from Bali on wednesday and I must say it’s really very different being sick with a baby in tow. Previously I could just ignore everything, crawl into bed and under my covers and just SLEEP. Didn’t matter if I skipped meals or got my days and nights mixed up.

With a baby, it’s just different. The baby’s needs come first. This means I still have to nurse Aly (read up on nursing while being sick and apparently it is highly encouraged because the breastmilk would contain the much needed antibodies for Aly to fight the virus) and continue to care for, and tend to, her. I feel kind of bad being around her though. All the sneezing and coughing especially since she was just on her route to recovery (yes she fell sick before we left for Bali) until I came back. Just hoping that we will both recover quickly!

In the meantime, I’m just really thankful for the husband who has taken charge of things like changing diapers, entertaining Aly while I’m napping, packing dinners etc. this may sound cliched and all but I have come to realise that with kids it’s really important for a couple to function as a team. We are mere humans and it’s not possible to be on form 24-7. There will be off days like the ones I’m having now and I’m really thankful I have the hubs to fill my shoes so I can still crawl into bed, heck whatever’s happening and sleep.

Which brings me to the next topic- i’m really glad we went away for the short break without Aly. I admit it was difficult being apart from her (we probably missed her more than she missed us) but it was definitely a very good break for us. We have both been exhausted since Aly’s arrival, both physically and mentally, and as much as we try to find time for each other, it has been tough. So the short getaway was perfect! It allowed us to do simple things like hold hands, have a proper conversation through an entire meal without being interrupted, sleep in, just shut off completely and enjoy doing nothing together. There were times when we would chat about Aly and look through her pictures and marvel at how she has grown but other times we were back to the good old days, just chatting about random things, about friends, about us, about food.

I saw this line in the book – on becoming baby wise, “to excel in parenting, protect your marriage”. As parents, we often get so caught up with the daily grind that we forget what is most fundamental to a happy family- a healthy and happy marriage. So take some time off today to do something nice for your spouse!

So even though I was suffering from engorgement and had to express milk in random places like the mt kintamani volcano and some forest and had to put up with quizzical looks from my driver who thought that I had a stomach upset (cos I always made a beeline for the washroom and would be in there for at least 10 to 15 minutes), the trip was well worth it and I’m already looking forward to our next getaway!

One thought on “Goodbye Bali, Hello Aly

  1. My turn to say, ‘Get Well Soon!’ Are you taking any meds or just letting it run its course? Must be really tiring to have to bf Aly and look after her even though you’re feeling so lousy. We will pray for your speedy recovery!

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