A day around Bali

As part of our villa package, we took a 10 hour (chauffered) drive around the island and had a simple but memorable day exploring the island. We could have done more if it had not rained but oh well…we can always return. I could go on and on about our day but I think I shall allow the pictures to speak for themselves!

We saw amazing rice terraces along the way.



Saw the civet and gained a better understanding of how coffee luwak powder is “produced”.



We tried the world’s most expensive coffee – coffee luwak (otherwise known as the cat poo coffee), along with locally produced teas and coffee that came in a tester set…


In a nice rustic hut,


which had a view like this.


We caught mount kintamani on a foggy rainy afternoon.


Lunch was the famous Babi guling (roasted pig) at ibu oka in ubud, which according to ys, is his favourite meal so far. I loved the casual informal setting at the eatery.




Dinner was at jimbaran bay, and even though we missed the sunset today (because it was raining), the delicious seafood meal more than made up for the lack of sunset.





And now as I’m blogging this, I’m just lying on the sofa beside our private pool, enjoying the breeze and the peace and quiet. The joy of doing nothing.

I heart Bali!

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