My leap year present

1) Because today happens only once in every four years, I wanted it to be special.

2) Because I now have a baby and need a crossbody bag to keep myself hands free.

3) Because I deserve a push present (from myself).

4) Because I don’t have a lightweight casual weekend bag.

The reasons I bought myself a new balenciaga classic town bag in cobalt blue. (all the excuses women come up with just to get a new bag. Haha)

Anyway I finally succumbed to temptation when I saw the bag on a fashion blog. The casual chic look of balenciaga is not every girl’s kinda thing but it is soooo my kinda thing. I have a really soft spot for balenciaga (sigh).

I love the tassels (much to the bewilderment of my mom and my husband). I love the slouchy and distressed look of the leather. I love the bright but easy to match colour of cobalt blue (everyone needs a blue bag). I love the buttery luscious leather. I love how it jazzes up a weekend outfit so effortlessly. I love how you can wear it in so many ways- crossbody, shoulder sling (by doing a double loop) and slung on the arm. I love how light it is and how it is a perfect size (it’s bigger than the classic first but smaller than the classic city) for my weekend essentials. Anyway, I love it to bits!!

I am one happy woman on this 29th February 2012. Now if someone asks me in 2016 what i did the last leap year, I’m sure i would remember!! I dragged my mum to balenciaga with me (complete with cranky baby, diaper bag and stroller) to get myself my leap year present!!


Also, check out my review on the proenza schouler ps1 medium satchel!


3 thoughts on “My leap year present

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