Aly at 3 months

Aly turned 3 months old last Monday and the last we checked, weighs 6.63kg and is 59cm “tall”.

Feeds: She is still breastfed exclusively. Downside is that she appears to reject the bottle and would drink very little when offered the bottle (sigh).

Sleeping patterns: still a very light sleeper which means afternoon naps are really short and often disrupted. I kind of gave up putting her on a schedule since we will be going to Bali next week. But the lack of schedule is causing her to be rather cranky in the day, most likely as a result of lack of sleep. The good news is that she finally sleeps longer stretches at night, the record being 7 hours (even though it only happened three times). Well at least it’s an improvement from the days that she would cry non stop throughout the night. She has a rather late bedtime of 9-930pm to coincide with we’re timing which we are looking at after I return to work. Would wake up
for a dream feed sometime between 2 and 4, and what time she wakes up in the morning will depend on what time she wakes up for her dreamfeed. Yes very terrible I know.

Speech: she coos a lot more these days and you can almost have a mini conversation with her when you maintain eye contact with her and respond with sentences or similar cooing sounds.

Other developments: She can do mini push ups when she has tummy time,keeping her head up at a 45 degree angle for about 10 seconds. She has flipped from front to back with some assistance. Reading is one of her favourite activities so we have been reading quite a lot to her. Sophie (a doll) is her favourite toy and in the mornings after her morning feed when I need some me time, she is quite comfortable spending time on her own in her rocker playing with Sophie. The rocker also acts as a “toilet bowl” since she has her poo each time I put her there in the morning. So on some mornings when we rush out of the house, she forgets to poo! Haha. It may be a bit too early, but she seems to get bouts of separation anxiety already. She cries if she doesn’t see one of us walking beside her stroller and that’s a problem because our peg perego stroller doesn’t allow us to face her. She also cries a lot more for attention and likes to be carried (double sigh). I hope all these would go away with time.She recognizes her dad and mum and is capable of tracking our movement when we walk across the room for example. She has discovered her hands and likes to bat at toys and hanging objects and grasp at things now (my poor hair) although she lets go after a while.

Here’s Aly with Sophie in the rocker.


And here is Aly having a mini conversation with us.

I really need to put her on a schedule again once I return from Bali!

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