Letter to baby #1

I wrote this letter to Aly on 19 oct 2011. Time flies.


Dear little miss pang,

It’s a rainy day today and I’m on my way home from work and all of a sudden, I just wanted to write you a letter.

I’m really thankful for you and i find myself falling in love with you a little bit more with each day. I remember seeing you as a tiny white spot on the ultrasound screen at week 6, your little heart beating away at week 12, you doing somersaults at week 20. Those were the most memorable and emotional moments of my life.

I love the way you move around in my
Tummy. It’s like your way of saying “I love you!” or “hang in there!” or “I’m here with you.” I love trying to figure out whether what I’m feeling is your little hand or your little foot. I love how you poke back when papa tries to irritate you with his litle pokes. I love your cute rhythmic hiccups which I sometimes feel.

When i’m feeling tired or lonely, I touch my tummy and feel you there and instantly feel better. You have been an amazing source of happiness for me and papa even before you arrive!

I cannot wait to meet you in person, little miss pang and hold you for the very first time. I’m sure you’ll be a beautiful baby 🙂

Love, mummy

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