Top 5 moments with Aly

1) When I catch her looking at me as I nurse her, and she unlatches to smile at me.

2) When she flings her arms up in excitement and moves her legs when I sing “When you’re happy and know it”, as if she’s dancing to my singing.

3) When her look of fear turns into one that says “I trust you completely” when she sees me.

4) When she smiles at me (and starts cooing) at her bedtime for that split second our eyes meet (even though I have been trying so hard to avoid all eye contact with her for the preceding 10 minutes). I think I burst out laughing the first time this happened. It reminded me not to take things too seriously.

5) (And my favourite …even though this has only happened once, just yesterday) when she unlatches herself when I was nursing her after hearing a horrible sound made by her father crumpling a piece of paper, turns 180 degrees in her father’s direction, pauses, gives a look of displeasure and turns 180 degrees back to continue nursing. Haha, how she amazes me sometimes.

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