Aly at 11 weeks

Alyssa at 11 weeks is the most adorable thing ever. She now coos and gurgles when spoken to as though engaged in a conversation with you. (think she started cooing at week 9). She sometimes closes her eyes and laughs really hard as she turns her head from side to side, in response to what i say, as though I’ve just said the funniest joke ever. She looks intently at me as I speak to her and smiles coyly when I tell her I love her. My heart turns into goo when she does that. It’s amazing knowing that she’s smiling because she’s happy and not some kinda reflex like in the earlier days.

She’s starting to enjoy her baths and seems to be the biggest fan of my singing. She loves looking at lights and is curious about her surroundings.

Today she reached another milestone! Aly managed to sleep through the night from 1130pm till 6am! I was most surprised and pleased. Hoping she keeps this up 🙂


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