Changi City Point nursing room

Changi city point is located in the heart of the changi industrial park opposite expo mrt station. Also marketed as the “Garden city in the east”, it houses a rooftop garden, green spaces and wider than usual pathways, which is a breath of fresh air from the crowded malls in town. Dining options are endless as you have a choice of two food courts (including a halal one), cafes, restaurants and coffee joints. There are a couple of shops selling kids’ stuff on the second level, alongside baby spa, an indoor playground and a music school. Parents with older kids might want to check out the outdoor playground beside the koufu food court on level 2.

The best part about this family friendly mall is that there is a diaper changing room on each level beside the washrooms. In fact, the one at basement 1 is conveniently located at the entrance into the mall from the car park.

Here’s my review of the diaper changing room:

location: beside the washrooms on each level

facilities: two nursing cubicles, one diaper changing station, water dispenser (including hot water), a sofa area for family
members and a sink.

nursing cubicle: partitioned by a heavy curtain from the main room. includes a chair and a long side bench to place personal belongings. large enough to fit a stroller. did not manage to check if there was an electric socket in the cubicle.

pros: diaper changing unit away from nursing cubicle. family members can wait at the couch in the main room. nursing cubicles large enough to fit a stroller.

cons: “landscape” placing of diaper changing station as opposed to “portrait” placing which is more convenient for the changing of diapers. only one diaper changing unit. curtain partitions mean less privacy and I can imagine some moms may feel uneasy given that the mall is rather quiet and the nursing room may be relatively unused.

overall: bright and cheery (the one on basement one has animal and alphabet prints) and has all basic amenities. however when I was there, I noticed that the diaper changing unit was rather dusty.

rating: 3/5

[update: the nursing room on level two beside tunglok signatures only has one nursing cubicle.]



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